What really is the best way to have one’s hands cleaned- not just due to a global pandemic, but as a personal hygiene principle? Washing your hands with soap and running water. Simple, right? But, what do you use in the absence of these items? Well, the option might lie between a hand sanitizing gel or liquid, and an antibacterial hand wipe.

So, which of these two is really effective as an alternative then? Let’s consider the both a bit closer.

When is the best time to use hand sanitizer?

An article published by marthastewart.com [1] highlights this point for a sanitizing gel. “Hand sanitizer gel is useful if you do not have access to a sink and soap,”. … “They’re great when you want something easy to carry that you can use on your clean hands if you touch objects or surfaces which may be contaminated.” However, it’s crucial that you don’t store them in your car—especially when it’s hot outside. “Alcohol can evaporate in the heat, making the product ineffective,” it adds.

When is the best time to use hand wipes?

According to the article, hand sanitizing wipes are often more convenient to carry, and less messy, than their liquid counterparts. “Gels run the risk of spilling out of their containers and leaking in bags or onto clothing,” it explains. And thanks to their slightly abrasive construction, wipes can be used to remove visible dirt from hands. “This makes them more effective than gels for mildly soiled hands”. A study by pubmed.gov also proved the effectiveness of hand wipes over hand rubs by concluding that “alcohol-based hand wipe containing 65.9% ethanol [is] significantly more effective than the 62% ethanol rub in reducing the number of viable bacteria and spores on the hands” [2].

That understood, hand wipes are more effective in the removal of dirt as opposed to the liquid or gel sanitizers. Just imagine applying oil on a dirty surface. You rather make the dirt thicker to remove. However, the sanitizing wipes not only kill germs, bacterial and viruses alike, it does so while clearing the dirt of your hands.

Now the best part with Dew Hand Sanitizing wipes is the option you have to choose either an alcohol wipe or from our range of benzalkonium chloride sanitizing wipes- jasmine or lemon fragrance. The latter antibacterial agent is more ideal for people with sensitive skins to alcohol.

Remember, if it must be done, it certainly must be done well. And all this, because we at Dew care, we share in your moment of cleaning for your happy skin.




[2] https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/21034977/.

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