Dew Haven

Refreshing, cleansing, and natural
skin care products for you.

Since it’s establishment, Dew Haven Ventures has been involved in the manufacture and wholesale of an array of skincare, mother -care and baby care products with a bias cleansing wipe. Having begun with just a couple of products, our range of products have widened to include beauty care products, thanks to our valued customers who increasingly make a demand on Dew branded items.

Years of extensive research and product development have paid off with an unrivaled level of product suitability and effectiveness hence, high level of customer satisfaction.

Headquartered in Atlanta, USA, Dew Haven Ventures has distribution outlets all over the USA. Also, in Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, Benin and several other locations in Africa. With a heavy online presence, the Dew brand of products are easily available as well as through our strategic partners such as Max Mart, Palace shopping Centre.

Each item in our entire range of products is duly certified by Food & Drugs Board and Ghana Standards Authority. Today, Dew Haven Ventures continues to increase its presence with emerging markets which will contribute to our growth




To use best practices to offer the best of cosmetics innovation




Produce innovative products that leave everyone’s skin happy




Quality Standards, Professionalism, Honesty


Anti Coronavirus

Washing our hands properly is definitely the most important part of our self-protection. But in the absence of water and soap, what do you use to clean your hands, clean your phones, laptops, surfaces, or any item that the hand sanitizing gel can’t disinfect?