Newborn Baby Diaper

  • Dew baby diapers are super soft, highly absorbent, extremely comfortable and very budget friendly.
  • The freshness that Dew diapers bring lingers throughout the day and overnight.
  • Our premium quality diapers come in various sizes.


  1. 3-D technology reduces the contact area with baby by 50%
  2. Comfortable
  3. Adjustable tapes for more comfortable fitting
  4. Special shaped core to prevent leakage
  5. Elastic waistbands for comfortable fitting

Suitable for Babies below 7kg

Dew Newborn Baby Diapers are suitable for babies below 7kg


Each pack of Dewcares Newborn Baby Diapers contain 44/6 diapers

Technological 3D cotton

Dew Baby Diapers new technological 3D cotton-like top sheet effectively reduces the touching area with baby skin by 50% more comfortable and drier.